What is m.npeinc.com?

m.npeinc.com is a mobile website that is designed to help professionals in the field, identify the correct specifications for replacement circuit breakers, and switchgear related items.

How do I use it?

Follow the Wizard and input all of the information you can, then touch "choose file" to open the smart phones camera, take a few photos and click send. Your information request is sent to our staff for processing.

Do I have to enter my contact information every time?

Some mobile browsers will remember your entries and allow you to choose a previously entered value after the first letter is pressed. Other browsers will allow you to use AutoFill, if you have your contact information saved as a contact in your phone. If this is the case, please verify the contact information that gets entered to ensure it is correct.

How do I save the site so I can come back and use it later?

Upon visiting the site, a popup box will instruct you how to save a shortcut to your homescreen. For iPhone/iPad users, tap the icon at the bottom of the screen that has the square with the arrow pointing up, then tap the Add To Homescreen option. For Android users, this may vary slightly depending on the phone model, and carrier specific operating system. In most cases, while on the main screen, tap the menu icon which could be displayed as 3 vertical dots or 3 horizontal lines, then tap the Add To Homescreen option. Once the shortcut in on your homescreen (labeled NPE Mobile), simply tap that icon to launch the wizard.

How many pictures should I take?

The more you take, the better we can help you, but you don't have to upload photo's to use the wizard. It's just highly recommended and easy to use. Our suggestion is that you take a shot of the front, and back and the nameplate. On low voltage breakers, it also helps to take a photo of the trip unit. The sight has a maximum of 5 photos that can be attached.

How do I exit out of the website when I'm done?

Simply close your browser.